Glory Points

I have decided to bring Glory Points back, because they’re fun and offer a significant boost.

Rules for Glory Points

  • Each session, every player has one “freebie” Glory Point. Essentially, the first Glory Point you spend each session is free. This is to encourage using them.
  • Glory Points are gained by advancing the story, or rarely awarded individually by the GM. You gain, at minimum, 1 Glory Point each time you gain a level.
  • PCs start the Black Spire II adventure with 5 Glory Points, effective immediately.

Spending Glory Points

A Glory Point can be spent to do one of the following:

  • Add 1d10 to a d20 roll or static value (like AC), before rolling.
  • Add 1d6 to a d20 roll or static value (like AC), after rolling.
  • Take one additional move action in a round.
  • Re-roll Initiative, at any point during combat.
  • Automatically negate a botch, before rolling to confirm it.
  • Make one more Attack of Opportunity than what is normally allowed.
  • Negate one Attack of Opportunity, as if it had never been provoked. (Essentially this works just like succeeding on an Acrobatics roll or the equivalent versus one opponent)

Personal Glory Points

In addition, each player character has two personalized ways of spending Glory Points. As usual, always round down in case of fractions.

  • Alice: Frightening Prowess. Spend 1 Glory Point to Intimidate one opponent as a swift action. If you do this immediately after killing/dropping an opponent, choose one: Either add (Level / 2) as a bonus to the roll, or apply the intimidate roll to all opponents within 30 feet.
  • Alice: Joy in Slaughter. Immediately after killing/dropping an opponent, you may spend 1 Glory Point to recover (Level x 2) hit points or regain (Level / 2) rounds of Rage, up to your normal maximum.
  • Calin: Hunter’s Chance. When you roll a natural 18,19 or 20 on an archery attack, you may spend 1 Glory Point to treat this exactly as if you had rolled a 20, meaning the attack automatically hits and is a critical threat. Furthermore, if you do, add (Level / 2, round down) to your roll to confirm the critical hit (this is the only advantage if you actually rolled a 20).
  • Calin: Share the Bounty. When you cast any Cure spell or similar healing spell such a Restoration on an ally (but not when using Channel Positive Energy), you may choose to spend 1 Glory Point to also have that spell affect you, with exactly the same result as your ally or immediately prepare the spell you just cast as an extra spell for that day. (Note that this means preparing the spell you cast, so if you sacrifice e.g. a 2nd level spell for spontaneous casting, you gain Cure Moderate Wounds as a prepared spell, not the spell you sacrificed)
  • Culgalath: Unerring Blade. When you miss with a sneak attack, you may spend 1 Glory Point to re-roll the attack with a bonus of (Level / 2, round down). If you choose this option, however, you may not use any special rogue talents with the sneak attack (such as Dirty Strike). You may boost this roll further with additional Glory Points if you wish.
  • Culgalath: Desna’s Favor. Whenever you avoid an attack of opportunity (either because of a successful Acrobatics roll, or because the attack missed), or you succeed on a Reflex save and take no damage from the effect, spend 1 Glory Point to recover (Level x 2) hit points or gain a luck bonus to AC equal to (Level / 2) for (Level / 2) rounds, effective immediately. This bonus never stacks with itself, but you may activate Desna’s Favor again to extend the duration.

Former characters

  • Ace: Dragon Authority. When you fail a roll to overcome Spell Resistance, you may spend 1 Glory Point to re-roll with a bonus of (Level / 2). You may boost this roll further with additional Glory Points if you wish.
  • Ace: Magical Feedback. Immediately after being the target of a spell or supernatural ability, regardless of whether or not you passed the saving throw, you may spend 1 Glory Point to recover (Level) hit points or regain a number of spell slots to a total of (Level / 2) spell levels. (e.g. at level 10, you could regain one 4th-level spell and one 1st-level spell, or two 2nd-level spells and one 1st-level spell, and so forth).

Glory Points

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