The Tunnels in Redfield

This page holds useful notes on the Redfield area and the adventure taking place there.

The younger Pathfinders are monitoring the surface, protecting the locals against land sharks. This team consists of:

Sanford, young human wizard
Whiterock, half-orc druid
Kane, outcast dwarf ranger with a bow

The more experienced Pathfinders are pushing back against the drow underground. Their known members are:

“Jen”, a member of the Shadow Council.

An aboleth is known to dwell somewhere in an underwater ocean or river, which the bulette tunnels unwittingly connected to the Long Dragon River. The flooded caverns gives the dread creature unprecedented mobility.

The private yacht, stolen from Hastha, is securely moored upriver. It still holds a lot of luxury food and supplies.

The Tunnels in Redfield

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