The Southern Orcs

The southern orcs live just north of the Blue Desert, east and south of the Black Peak. They are far enough from most civilization to be less of a threat than their western brethren in The Hag Fens, but occasionally raid the dwarves or the peoples along the coast.

The southern orcs are divided into three loose tribes, united through a covenant focused on The Chief-Stone. Whichever tribe holds the Stone becomes Chief-Tribe, and their leader holds authority over the other tribes. Currently, all three tribes are in search of the Stone, and have come to the Black Peak in search of it.

The three tribes are: The Axe Tribe, the Sword Tribe and the Club Tribe (or “Hammer Tribe” depending on the translation). The Axe Tribe has the greatest numbers, the Sword Tribe the greatest wisdom, and the Club Tribe supposedly the greatest strength.

The Axe Tribe is led by Gradha sha-Gradh, the daughter of the former tribe. This is unusual as orcs are usually heavily patriarchal, and rarely – if ever – have female leaders.

The Sword Tribe is led by Urgor sho-Grobor, who claims to know the secret of steel.

The Club Tribe’s leadership is so far unknown.

The Southern Orcs

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