The Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society is a group of adventurers and explorers, bonded together to share experiences, treasures, advice, and information about the world. A tightly knit group of adventurers, of diverse backgrounds.

Pathfinders of Redfield
Pathfinders of Stonehaven

The Pathfinder Society was well-established in Stonehaven and has filials elsewhere. Many of their members died when the Black Spire rose, but the following remain alive:

Jedediah, veteran Fighter. Human.
Gorn, veteran barkeep. Half-orc.
Sven Vigmundson, Rogue. Human.
Jaleel, wizard. Human.
Hubert, cleric. Dwarf.
Elenaria, ranger. Human.

Kathira, druid.
Shira, magus. Elf.

The Pathfinder Society

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