The Elven Ruins

The Elven Ruins seem to have been an outpost for military intelligence on the enemies of elvenkind, from before the arrival of the humans to Ilatari some 800 years ago. About 70 years ago, an elven expedition secretly set out to the ruins, and partly excavated them.

A member of this expedition, an elf named Boridhren, left behind a journal indicating that he and his master had visited the creature known as the Water Weird, and learned something of importance. The party learned that the Water Weird was once a creature called Quetzalcoatl, somehow transformed by the warping powers of the swamp. A word was circled in Boridhren’s notebook: “Chief-Stone”. The notebook also mentioned that the library at the elven ruins was somehow magical.

The ruins have sunken into the swamp, but remain partly accessible through some sort of ancient magic, that’s kept a canopy of plants overhead to keep out the worst muck and dirt. Despite this, most of the ruins are flooded, with only the upper floors of tall buildings accessible.

An otyugh lives in an old courtyard by a military compound, feeding on corpses and offal. A group of 21 goblins had taken up residence in the excavated ruins, but most died of unknown causes before the party arrived. One of them was overcome with lycanthropy and remained the last of his kind, until the party killed him.

The Elven Ruins

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