The Dragon Pact

In ancient times, it was the Dragon Pact that led to the establishment of the Mountainhome, and it is much of the reason why dwarven lands still enjoy peace, unity and stability, where both the lands of Elves and Men have fallen to internal schism. Legend has it that when the dwarves first appeared on the surface, they were scattered – and different expedition leaders vied for power, establishing noble Houses of their own. For centuries, the dwarves bickered. Around eight hundred years ago, House Rimtar finally united the dwarves by signing the Dragon Pact with the silver dragon Shamilthurax.

The Dragon Pact is the foundation of The Silver Kingdom. It is a covenant between the dragon Shamilthurax and the dwarven royal house of Rimtar, promising friendship between the two and peace throughout dwarven lands.

By the agreement, Shamilthurax protects the dwarves from invasion or strife, promising to aid them in times of war. In return, the dwarves revere the mighty dragon, offer tribute in the form of silver for its hoard, and agree to aid the dragon in its schemes against its kin – for it is well-known that little love exists between metallic and chromatic dragons.

Shamilthurax has been gone from the Mountainhome for over a century, engaged in some scheme of its own. Due to the attack on Stonehaven, Queen Moira has ordered the Silver Bell to be rung, summoning Shamilthurax once more to the Mountainhome.

The Dragon Pact

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