The Black Brand Tribe

The Black Brands oppose the unification of the Orcs under the Kha-Khatun, and do not follow the Black Dragon – or any other dragon. Because of this, they’ve become tentative allies to Zilahani, as they wish to resist the surging of the Orc Horde, which is likely to destroy them utterly for their refusal to join.

Notable Black Brand Orcs:

Ghurush, the shaman, who knows the magic of the Fens well. Superstitious, and with a strange sense of humor.


Vadragh, the war-chief, a powerful and battle-scarred orc with long experience, currently engaged in a war against the Twisted King.


Khorgal, an orc warrior, captured by goblins but rescued by the adventuring party. Stoic, and knows she has a debt to the characters.


The Black Brand Tribe

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