Downtime in Zilahani

Design notes: Once again, I’m probably being overly simulationist. Nevertheless, I feel like there should be some suggestions for downtime activities. We can use them if you’d like.

During a six-week downtime in Zilahani, characters are assumed to be training and studying to improve their skills. Even the intense training regime of adventurers, however, leaves some time over for other activities. Here are some suggestions for ways to pass the time while safely in the fortress. Each action below is assumed to occupy 1 week of time (being your character’s main focus during that week):

The Barricades – Working the barricades is tough and exhausting, but it builds camaraderie and also means you’re well-provided for. Food and lodgings will be provided for you. Each week working the barricades, mending equipment, cooking food or whatever other task you can assist with, earn 1 gp and ignore any lifestyle costs. Additionally, helping out on the barricades earns the goodwill of Elasïrel.

Private Job – Taking a private job entails working to earn coin. Elasïrel will frown on this, as he prefers all able hands to help out, but it pays far better than the coin-starved commander can provide. Earn half your check result in GP each week, using Profession, Perform, Craft, or some other applicable skill. However, those who take private jobs will have to buy food and lodgings at Vishka’s, costing at least 2 gp per week at current over-inflated prices.

Crafting – Crafting items for your own benefit follows the rules in the Pathfinder corebook, and rolls are made on a weekly basis. Same as with a private job, you must pay 2 gp per week in lifestyle costs.

Socializing – Spending the evenings at Vishka’s tavern may be seen as lazy, but it’s a good way to make interesting connections. Far from everyone in Zilahani is tied to the Army. Each week of socializing costs 4 gp in food, lodgings, drinks and favors, but it wins goodwill with the Pathfinders and with Vishka, and may lead to interesting connections. It’s also slightly more comfortable than hard work, though this has no mechanical benefit.

Research – Books are rare and hard to come by in Zilahani, so research involves as much leg work and door knocking as studying musty, handwritten tomes. Nevertheless, by following up on rumors, tidbits of trivia, and interpreting Adalbert’s dusty tomes, you may uncover more knowledge about a particular aspect of the Fens. Each week, make a special Knowledge check with a +10 bonus for extensive research, uncovering lore about a particular subject. As research helps Zilahani’s cause, Elasïrel is willing to pay your living expenses while you engage in this subject.

Relaxing – Zilahani is no spa, but it does offer luxuries despite being a rugged frontier town. Spend a week’s evenings enjoying fine wines, warm baths, and other comforts. At the start of the next adventure, gain extra Refresh Points (above your normal maximum) equal to half the amount of weeks you spent relaxing, minimum 1. This activity costs 6 gp per week, and earns the goodwill of absolutely no-one; many might be jealous of your extravagance, no matter how much you’ve earned it.

Downtime in Zilahani

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