Character Creation for Black Spire III

The heroes of “A Twisted King” have been sent to the small elven-human outpost of Zilahani, a hastily-constructed fortress meant to repel the orcish advances. Formerly a human trade post, it has now been converted to military encampment.

The wood elf hero Elasïrel has called for assistance in reaching out to the Black Brand Tribe, a hitherto neutral band of orcs who have been exiled from their lands due to an unwillingness to submit to the Kha-Khatun. They speak of some enemy called the Twisted King, who supposedly commands a great force of goblins. The wood elves are in dire need to know more about this mysterious enemy, so the heroes serve both as diplomats and spies, tasked to learn more about who this enemy is.

Characters begin on first level, but will rapidly advance to level 3. Use 20 points for ability score generation.

Edit: Characters uses the skill system from Unchained Pathfinder (Split between Adventure and Background skills. Gaining adventure skills as noted in the class descriptions, and Background 2 per level.).

It is recommended that at least one character have the Survival skill, and at least one character have the Diplomacy skill.

Character Creation for Black Spire III

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