Black Spire Rising


Stonehaven – The city under siege by the Black Spire
Gladetown – Small lumber town, destroyed by cave ogres.
Elon’s Rest – A village centered around Elon’s Rest, an inn run by the ancient elf Elon.
Westfall – A small village bordering on the Western Wood.

The Invasion

The Chief-Stone

People of Stonehaven

The Gathered at the Broken Sword
The Thieves’ Guild

Sir Tristan, peacekeeper paladin. Deceased.
Kadol, dwarven paladin.
Alila, human paladin.

Zenius, Abjuration expert at the Mages’ Guild.
Mythra, Conjuration expert at the Mages’ Guild.
Colindo, Divination expert at the Mages’ Guild. Elf.

Ofec, shifty necromancer who supposedly caused the Spire.
Ironcrow, aberrant-blooded half-orc part-goblin part-ogre sorcerer.
The Necromancer, a rotting old man, Ofec’s former master.

Black Spire Rising

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