Zilahani is one of the strongest outpost against orc incursions. Formerly a trade town between humans and wood elves, it has since become a fortified military outpost. Still, trade flows in and out of Zilahani, as it sits on roads both east and north.

Zilahani is a rugged frontier town. Its buildings are made of timber and pitch, with thatched roofs water-proofed against the wet climate of the Fens. Most households keep chickens and pigs, and as a consequence, much of Zilahani smells given that it’s quite cramped for space, and one often sees critters in the streets.


Vishka’s Inn – Vishka is a half-elf woman who runs the town’s inn for travelers, adventurers, and merchants. As the heroes are recruited on official business, they have no need to stay there – but Vishka’s offers quality food and drink as well as entertainment.

Temple to Desna – As the goddess of luck and travelers, Desna has a strong following in Zilahani, being a mercantile outpost. Hers is the only true temple in the town, though many households have small shrines to other gods.

The Barracks – though distasteful to the wood elves, they have to admit that sleeping in the wilds is too dangerous here. To that end, Zilahani contains large, long barracks built by humans along the main fortification. It is here that the heroes find lodgings, warm beds, and friends to share their tales with.

The Pathfinder Lodge – Zilahani is a military operation, and far from locales of more traditional adventure. As such, the Pathfinders have a small presence here, and the heroes have no affiliation with them. Still, the few Pathfinders who live here have many useful skills, and their services are for sale to those who can afford them.


Elasïrel – A wood elf hero, Elasïrel was a young ranger when Belegorn disappeared. He has had many adventures since then, and has grown wise, skilled, and relatively famous. After the orcs attacked and destroyed his home in the First Orc Invasion, he relocated to Zilahani and now works tirelessly to defend the town, seeking a way to strike back against the hated enemy.


Vishka – a half-elf woman, Vishka runs the only inn in Zilahani. She’s a charismatic woman and has a past as a bard, often putting on performances in her Inn; she’s also well versed in the comings and goings of the region. She’s a strict businesswoman though, and while she’s generous, she makes a point of collecting from those who owe her money.


Adalbert – Adalbert is an advisor to Elasïrel. A wandering human hedge wizard, he settled down in Zilahani before the city grew around it to act as a kind of wise man and loremaster. He’s a mediocre wizard at best, but he knows how to scribe scrolls and craft wands, which makes him a useful asset. Adalbert is eccentric, like most wizards, and the locals tend to take a wide berth around him. He’s grown somewhat obsessed with the Fens and their tendency for change.


Farren is a human blacksmith, assisting the wood elves with repair of weapons and armor, as well as the forging of arrowheads – though that, he leaves mostly to his helpers and apprentices. A relatively jovial man despite the dire straits, Farren is known to enjoy small pleasures and is a steadfast friend, well-respected on the barricades.


Felandaris is another Mirkwood elf, one of the rangers with insight into the swamps. Grim and humorless, she’s good friends with Belegorn. She’s a renowned herbalist and a skilled guide, preferring to keep a low profile and avoiding confrontations with the wildlife whenever possible.

Grant Grislow is the local Pathfinder representative, a grim-faced man and former adventurer. He has a peg-leg and is scarred from many battles, and no longer ventures out very much; since losing his leg, he retired to become a cartographer. Most of the Hag Fens are still unmapped, and Grant has no complete maps to sell – but he’s collected plenty of trivia about the region, which he shares – for a price.

Yill the Quill is a gnome woman, obsessed with cataloguing magical items. She doesn’t have many of her own, having passed on most of them to the Pathfinder Society after growing bored with them, but she’s very adept at identifying magical items and usually interested in procuring them for the Society. What few items she has, she parts with only at a high price, however.

Captain Alaric is the human responsible for the Night Watch of the human army, a distant descendant of the ancient Emperor and a fourth cousin of Prince Alphonse. He’s a serious and stern individual, with keen senses and an acuity of mind that impresses even some elves in his surroundings.


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