Resource Tracker

Refresh Points

Arradin: 7
Belegorn: 0
Min’Ahlia: 1
Wyriehl: 0?


Left Zilahani with: Arradin 15 rations, Min’Ahlia 7 rations, Belegorn 10 rations, Wyriehl 6 rations. Total carried: 38 rations.

Total spent: 29 rations total (4 on the first day, 4 on the second, 5 on the third (Wyriehl one extra ration), 4 on the fourth, 4 on the fifth, 4 on the sixth, 4 on the seventh.

Money & Loot

Current adventure:
90 gp worth of Hag Orchid, a medicinal plant. Weight: 1 lb.
1 Black Dragon holy symbol, blackened silver, worth about 25 gp possibly lessened by being orcish crafts
2 doses of antitoxin
1 good quality lock
1 mighty composite shortbow +1
1 ogre-sized chainmail
1 gold necklace with gold plate (3 lbs of gold, craftsmanship negligible)

Other Equipment Notes

Wyriehl’s polearm has been sundered, and yet to be repaired. It needs a new haft. Field repairs mean it gains the Fragile condition.

Resource Tracker

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