The Black Dragon has awoken.

A tide of green flesh rises from the Hag Fens, an empire of barbarians, of tattooed orcs, frothing goblins, stalking bugbears and raging trolls. Decades after the rise of the Second Alkerathi Empire, a new realm is being forged in the West, spearheaded by conquest and war.

But not all of the orc tribes unite under the Kha-Khatun’s banner. Some, on the fringes of the fens, still resist unification. And so the orcish empire stalls, as yet unnamed, until all the tribes have been gathered under its banner. But for the tribes in the Northwest, resistance might not be an option for long.

It is here he rises, an agent of the Orcish Empire, a lord of goblins and a brother to beasts. The people of the swamp know him only as the Twisted King; a warrior feared, even by the mighty berserkers…

Black Spire III: A Twisted King

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